WHITE & BLACK-DEOBANDI- ISM Caught in its own trap-Introduction-Hazrat Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

Al Humdu Lil Laah! The Maulana
Okarvi Academy Al-A’lami of South Africa is indeed privileged to present to the
Muslims of Southern Africa the most significant work ever to be marketed in
this country. This book is intended to open the eyes, ears and minds of all our
Muslim brothers and sisters whom Allaah Ta’aalaa has bestowed with a sense of
justice, impartiality and the ability to discern truth from falsehood.

I do not intend to delve into a deep
and lengthy introduction to the subject matter you are about to encounter
within the covers of this book, but will attempt to very briefly give the
readers a condensed and sweeping background of the events that led to the
publication of this block-buster work by our Academy, for the protection and
preservation of the faith of the Muslims from the erstwhile enemies of Islaam.

It must be recalled that a few years
ago a group of ignoramus and misguided Mullas stationed at Lenasia in the
Transvaal, concealing their identities under a fancy but fabricated organization of “The Council for the Propagation of the Sunnats of
Islaam” published puny little booklets in three parts under a meaningless
and ridiculous title of “From Johannesburg to Bareilly” for the
explicit purpose of undermining the faith of the Muslims, and, for
character-assassinating one of the greatest scholars and saints of Islam the
world has ever produced in the last 200 years. The target of [heir vile abuse
and perpetual attack was directed at none other than the world-acclaimed
scholar and leader of the majority of the Muslims and the internationally
acknowledged Mujaddid of Islaam A’laa Hazrat Maulana Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan 
 [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]of
Bareilly Shareef, India….
To be Continued…In Shaa Allaah.